Born 1963 in Bülach and raised in Lenzburg (both Switzerland) up to the age of 16. At that time I already started working abroad, then moving on to live in Paris by the age of 19.


Adventurous travels through Turkey and an extended stay in Marakesh have enriched and formed my artwork and my nature.


I travelled from one place to another. I confronted myself with these unknown places and revealed their profound essences.


My paintings tell stories of imaginary villages and castles, charming landscapes and wide horizons. I'm assimilating words, thoughts, moods – as we all do consciously or not – up to the moment when instinctively all what has been absorbed by myself comes back to me.


In the humorous "interiors" I transform insignificant items in poetry and hand them a sort of vividness and meaning.


Each day we note a great number of curious objects telling their stories. In each of my painting you can discover some of my personal anectodes being brought into at the actual time of the painting. This can be the title of an open book, a calender I recently bought, a poster from a concert I attended or some thought, that has been going around in my mind, written on a blackboard.


The absence of inhabitants shall not be interpreted as a social refusal. It's intended the opposite way. It is an invitation to create – on new social principles – honesty and humanity. My artwork invites you to lyric poetry. It sets you free from conformism.


The only law in Annik Malou's universe is LIBERTY.



2019 - NIZZA (F) Galerie des Dominicains, Nice


2018 - FLORENZ (I ) Caffè Storico Letterario «GIUBBE ROSSE»


2016 - POPPI  ( I )  Palazzo Gatteschi


2016 - PISA  ( I )  Centro espositivo  Museale


2015 - SAN SEPOLCRO  ( I )  Palazzo Storico Magi


2015 - ANGHIARI  ( I )  Bistrot Talozzi


2014 - BIFORCO  ( I )  Centro culturale


2012 - MONTE SAN SAVINO  ( I )  Villa Mancini


2008 - LENZBURG  ( CH )  Privat


2007 - CAMALDOLI  ( I )  Sala Esposizione Monastero


2004 - CORTONA  ( I )  Privat


2002 - MONTE SAN SAVINO  ( I )  Privat


2001 - MONCIONI  ( I )  Associazione Remo Gardeschi


1997 - CHIUSI DELLA VERNA  ( I )  Municipio


1989 - LENZBURG  ( CH )  Privat


1987 - DAVOS  ( CH )  Schwyzerhuesli


1985 - DAVOS  ( CH )  Kultur-Zentrum


Exhibition from Annik Malou


5 August – 18 August 2019


Galerie «Les Dominicains»

9 rue S. Francois de Paule

06357 Nizza






The artist will always be present during the exhibition.



Annik Malou




0039 377 44 89 220

Copyright © 2019 Annik Malou